Distinctively visual essay henry lawson

Short stories by Henry Lawson - 'The Loaded Dog' and 'The Bush Undertaker'.
HSC - Year 67 - English (Standard)In his short stories, “The Drover’s Wife” and “The Loaded Dog”, Henry Lawson uses distinctively visual images to convey to his readers the characters and the experience of living in the Australian outback. It received 75/75 for a school assessment. This student studied:
HSC - Year 67 - English (Standard)
Module A of Paper 7, Distinctively Visual. Similarly, in the short film, “My Constellation”, Toby Morris clearly depicts his ideas about the experience of an individual that has a new found ambition. This student studied:
HSC - Year 67 - Drama
This essay uses these two plays and discusses their nature through the dramatic genre of Black Comedy. This student studied:
HSC - Year 67 - Drama
This essay was written for the 'Black Comedy' elective of the 'Studies in Drama and Theatre' module, responding to Harold Pinter's 'The Homecoming' and Martin McDonagh's 'The Lieutenant of Innishmore'. This student studied:

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